Black Devil Rec set (I)

€ 499,00

Black Devil Rec set (I)

€ 499,00

Recreational Regulator Set I

The ScubaForce regulators provide excellent breathing and perfect performance in cold water as well as offering optimal configuration options for different applications.

The sets are available completely configured with Scubaflex hoses and come with a regulator bag.

Set I consists of:

  • Black Devil TEC 1st stage
  • 2x Black Devil 2nd stage
  • 74 cm black Scubaflex hose for the main regulator
  • 100 cm neon yellow Scubaflex hose for the octopus
  • ScubaForce regulator bag

The Set is configured for use with single tanks.

Black Devil TECH 1st Stage

All SCUBA FORCE's Black Devil Regulators 1st Stage are overcompensated diaphragm regulators. They have a perfect breathing comfort - even at greater depths. Outstanding and reliable performance for the demanding needs of technical and cold water dives.

Specifications all models:

  • Made of corrosion-resistant brass, nickel plated and chrome plated.
  • The integrated cold water protection kit keeps the 1st stage clean and dry.
  • Medium pressure 9.5 - 10.2 bar (135-145 PSI).
  • Din 300 bar.
  • 2 High pressure ports (7/16"-20 UNF)

Specifications TECH:

  • 4 low pressure (3/8“ - 24 UNF) ports
  • Optimal hose routing for both singles and doubles

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